The Secret

The Secret

How to Develop your Style
Do you want to have style in your dressing, Do you feel that you have the good clothes but lack style in  your dressing/ Do you want to get success in the interviews/ Do you wish that the girls should look back at you,  then the below mentioned information is for you. I am going to give you tips which will improve your style immediately:

Every man should dress in a way which suits his job or profession. The dress which he wears should be as per his body type and also as per his taste. The person who is working in a corporate sector would not like to wear the relaxed urban Street type wear style and the person who is student, may feel uneasy in formal dressing. Likewise, the person who wish to exhibit tough look, would not like to have conservative business suits, so the goal is we should find the kind of style which goes well with our personality and lifestyle.

Based on your lifestyle and your profession you should decide upon your style. Before moving forward, I would recommend that you access your personality. For this, a small exercise will be helpful. This exercise will help you to identify your personality.
There are few questions which you should answer for that:
Q-1 What do I want that my clothes should speak about me?
Q-2 When I meet some person how to I want that person to feel about me?
Q- 3 Is there any particular dress or dressing style at your workspace?
Q-4 Is there any particular style which I don't like personally or would not like myself to look like?
Q- 5 is there any personality or celebrity or any person which I feel that I should model myself like?
You can write the answers of these questions on sheet or a diary. If you don't feel like to write, you can just keep in your mind. But I would suggest that you write the answer of these particular questions, this will help you in the future to create your style.

The second step is to elaborate further what we have discovered in step 1, We should have knowledge about the different kind of styles, men can have. Please note, these are the basic generic styles, which are followed by variety of men. You can choose one or more than one style out of these.  I would suggest you to choose more than one for you. Further, in my future blogs , I shall guide how each style can be developed. Also, how the same clothing can be  used in different style. Basic generic styles for men are as follows:
Formal style

School Boy style

Business casual style

Preppy style


 Dapper style

Mod style

Metal style

Outdoor adventure style

Drapey & Dark style

Punk style

                        Fashion forward style

Mostly, famous celebrities (men) do not follow one style. You can also develop versatile personality by having more than one style. So my advice, is, you should have wardrobe full of clothes which can be worn in a variety of styles. Avoid being in the same style for all your life. The techniques as to how you can wear the same clothes in different styles are mentioned in my different blogs.
Next important tip is choose your clothing as per your body type. For this, just ask yourself:
(a)  Do I see myself as of average height, Tall or short man?
(b)  Do I look myself as a thin person, Muscular person or overweight? 

Once you identify yourself, you can choose your style accordingly.

Thanks and keep following my blogs

Mahesh Rana

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